Going to the Chiropractor


Watching Daddy have his back adjusted.

We have been taking Evie to the chiropractor since she was a little over a month old. Poor girl was so squashed for so long she could only turn her neck one direction, and she hated the car seat because of it. It was terrible. She would cry every time, that is until we took her to chiro. Her first visit and adjustment she went into the car seat without a sound, and just fell asleep. It was amazing! Slowly she was able to turn her neck all directions. She quickly became a very strong baby. We also took her there in hopes that it would help with her reflux, which it did a bit.

For us chiropractic care makes a lot of sense when we looked into the details about what it is, and what it does. (If it is something you are thinking about, talk to your doctor.)¬†For February, Evie’s chiropractor had a great deal on for your initial visit and all the scans needed. First Jason decided to go because he had been having some back pain more often recently. He thought it was time to get it checked out. We are so thankful her did, because he found out that he has several problems going on, including a curve in his back .


Waiting with Daddy to go in for her appointment.

While pregnant with Evie I developed some major pains from my pelvic bone, and it got chalked up to her just being lodged so low there. It has been almost 14 months since having her and I still have pain, especially when I walk for a long time. I also battle headaches and migraines on a regular basis. So it was my turn to go the other day. Who am I to say no to such a great deal. Again problems I suspected, and problems I did not know of were revealed. I too had a curve starting to happen in my back. I did not remember this until my chiro visit, as the anesthesiologist, when doing my epidural, mentioned that I had a curve in my back. Made placing the epidural hard for him. I also found out that my pelvic bone is extremely misaligned.

My first visit I had all sorts of scans done. Seeing the x-ray was eye opening, it definitely brought to light the problems in my back. Plus, it was really interesting seeing what my skeletal system looks like. My next appointment the chiropractor discussed everything with me, and provided me the opportunity to ask any questions. Having brought Evie for over a year, and Jason having been in just before me, I knew what I was in for.


Making sure her file is in order before handing it in to the ladies at the reception counter.

I am now on a plan of attack to try and help improve my spine. It is pretty intense for the first few months with multiple visits a week. I am definitely thankful for our extended medical coverage. I am not a fan of the cracking sound you hear when being adjusted, but having sat in on Jason and appointments before I know that you do not hear that sound out loud. The morning after my first adjustment was amazing! For the first time in days, weeks, possibly even months I did not wake up with a headache, or a roaring migraine. I felt like I had slept better too. My hope is that chiropractic care will help with everything going on in my spine, but also for being proactive when it comes to any future pregnancies. I am hoping to avoid the pain I was in when carrying Evie due to my pelvic bone being out of whack (my term not a professional name for it).

Anyone else go for chiropractic care? Do you go regularly? Has anyone gone for chiro visits while pregnant?

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4 thoughts on “Going to the Chiropractor

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  2. pretty sure we go to the same chiro from the looks of your pictures! Rai Chiropractic?! We love going to the chiro, have been going ourselves, monthly, for the last 5 years, and have taken our sons monthly since they were about 2 weeks old! Definitely noticed a difference in our overall health, and the boys have never been seriously sick (no ear infections, flu’s etc)

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