Freshly Picked {Review and Giveaway}

IMG_3633bFreshly Picked is a brand I knew of before we had Evie, I loved the look of the gorgeous shoes for little ones. My sister’s got Evie her first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for her first birthday and Christmas. They got her a beautiful pair of platinum ones that were perfect for the holiday season. Once you have a pair of these little shoes you become hooked.

Freshly Picked has an incredible back story. Susan Petersen started making baby moccasins after she was done with the frustration of not finding well designed baby shoes that would stay on little feet. Using her own child as the mocc-tester she went through several different designs before getting to the one you see today. What I love is how she worked incredible hard to start her business. Not having the money to start her business, Susan set about earning the money needed. She took the aluminum frames from old windows to the scrap yard to make the money she needed. Talk about hard work and dedication. This girl had a goal and she stopped at nothing to reach it! Most recently the next big thing Susan achieved with Freshly Picked was getting a deal on Shark Tank.

IMG_3679I love that the moccasins come in this cute little box when they arrive to your door. Inside is a great creative opportunity for kids they can colour and make their own little veggie and fruit garden. The best part is that there are even stickers! It’s just a fun little something to keep your kiddo occupied for a little bit. IMG_3663We received a pair of moccasins in the Radiant Orchid colour, which is the Pantone Colour of 2014. My daughter was super excited to open up the box and discover what colour the moccasins were. I love hearing her say “purple” in her little voice, and now she will request “purple shoe” when she wants to wear these.

Moccasins are great little shoes for something that is easy to put on little feet, but that will stay on too! In the summer my daughter would wear them bare foot, and now that the cooler weather has come they fit just as well with socks on. When we go places that need indoor shoes I pack these because they are so easy, and they take up so little space in my diaper bag because they can be squished flat.

The big question I often get when people find out that the moccasins my daughter has on are Freshly Picked ones is “Are they worth the price tag?” my answer is yes! I have seen other moccasins from other companies, and I just appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the ones from Freshly Picked. I am also a savvy shopper though and I pay attention and wait for when Freshly Picked has sales. Keep an eye out because you can often get a pair of these at a great price when there is a sale, but be fast on the purchase trigger and know what you want because when there is a sale the moccasins go fast! I am definitely hooked on these and hope to get a few more colours and sizes in the future.

Would you like to win a pair? Freshly Picked has very kindly offered an opportunity for the Canadian and American readers of Discovering Parenthood to enter a giveaway for the chance to win a pair! How awesome is that? I am excited for you guys. Please go to the rafflecopter link below, enter as many ways as possible. Share with your friends, get your family members to enter. Good luck everyone!

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Thank you.


Thank you everyone for your kind words. We are blessed to be surrounded by such love and support from our family and friends. We’ve read every last word and I’m trying to get back to everyone.

The above photo is actually from the moment I told Jason we were expecting again. I was hoping to capture a funny quizzical look but missed it by seconds. I did get a fun face from Everly. When taking the photo I said “Say pregnant!” instead of “cheese”.

Again, thank you.

Heartbreak Again: Miscarriage

It’s with broken hearts that we ask you to please pray for us as we start to heal. We are dealing with the sadness of going through another miscarriage.

I find myself filled with thoughts that are racing all over the place. Questions about why us? Why again? To blaming myself for as to why we are dealing with this heartache again. I know it’s not our fault, and that there’s nothing we could have done. That doesn’t change the hurt and the fact that our hearts are in a million little pieces right now.

Evie knew we were expecting before we did. She kept pointing at my tummy saying “Baby! Baby mama!” She was right, we were expecting again.

You start dreaming right away when you find out you are expecting. Thinking about what this little one will be like and look like. We won’t know now. We now face another date in the future that should have been filled with joy, instead it will be a constant reminder of sadness, of what should have been. We will always remember. We now wait a little longer for Evie to be a big sister her on earth. She is going to be an amazing big sister and we can’t wait for that day. For now we find ourselves waiting for the miracle of another rainbow baby some day.

We will work on healing. It’s going to take some time. Please forgive us if we seem distant at all. We just need our space and time. A piece of our hearts is now missing again. It won’t be filled on this side of heaven. We are hurting,  and grieving after a miscarriage. Please pray for healing, comfort, and peace.

In time we will be ok. God’s timing is perfect. For now we hold our daughter ever so much closer, and let the grieving process run its course.

What we’ve been up to

IMG_20140910_092331I’ve been feeling a bit at a loss for words recently. I’ve come to a place where I am feeling very overwhelmed  with work (more like waiting to return to work with the BC teacher’s strike) and that’s been pulling my mind away from putting words and thoughts down, but I want to remember the little moments that have been happening. I thought that I would share a little glimpse into what we’ve been up to as a family recently. After all I started this blog as a place to share with friends and family about what we are up to, and to help me remember everything we get up to as a little family.

20140911_162723While making dinner the other evening Evie kept herself entertained in her highchair by colouring on her little blackboard that she was given by friends of ours for her birthday.

20140913_075201Jason is the french toast master in our home. We bought a $1 loaf of french bread, and he made up a very yummy breakfast for all of us. I think we need to do this more often, or at least every weekend.

IMG_20140915_091439We’ve been spoiled with a long summer, and gorgeous weather. While I’ve been doing my time on the picket lines Jason has made a goal for himself to get outside and be active each morning. Evie has been getting to enjoy lots of time at the park thanks to this, and it’s been a great time for the two of them to hang out.

IMG_20140910_112724I am so thankful for Evie’s helpful heart. Need to load the dishwasher? Evie wants to help. So we hand her dishes and cutlery one by one to be put in. She even helps unload. Need to do laundry? Evie is right there helping put stuff into the washer, and pulling it out to go up into the dryer. Need to water the garden? No problem, she wants to get to help out even if it means soaking her whole outfit.

IMG_20140915_091520Where did this grown up girl come from who can climb up the stairs all on her own, and is absolutely fearless? She likes to swing from the bar at the top of the slide. I see a lot of cuts and bruises in our future, time to make sure we have a lot of bandages in the cupboard.

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Fall to do list.

Last evening I decided to sit down and write out some of the things I hope to do with my family this fall. I really liked having a bucket list this summer. I found that I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything this summer, and that it didn’t just rush by us without us doing things we wanted to do. So I figured why not put together a fall to do list?falltodolist1. Baking: I have a large list of items I am hoping to bake this fall everything from trying to make home made cinnamon buns to all things pumpkin. I really want to get Evie more involved to and let her help out more in the kitchen, and baking is the perfect opportunity to have a controlled messy environment.

2. Go to the pumpkin patch: of course this is on the list! We actually tend to go to a few different pumpkin patches. Our calendar is getting filled up on the weekends with fun outings to them with family and friends. I can’t wait to see Evie walking around trying to find her favorite pumpkin to bring home.

3. Go to the corn maze: We just missed out on our churches youth night for going to the corn maze. I still really want to go, maybe as a family or maybe Jason and I can go to one on a date night.

4. Go for a hay ride: Where there is a farm there is likely a hay ride. I always enjoy going for a hay ride in the fall and just taking in the surroundings with the changing leaves, and everything. It really is a must this time of year.

5. Make a leaf pile and jump in it: This one is going to be tricky because we live in a town home and our yard is tended to by a lawn care company every week. All the leaves disappear when they come. I may need to visit a friend’s home so that Evie can experience this, or find a park with lots of leaves.

6. Lots of walks in nature: We are already talking about going for walks around our neighborhood in the crisp fall air, but we also want to go visit more nature trails and get away from the city for a bit.

7. Feed the ducks and birds:  I have so many memories of going and feeding the ducks and birds at local ponds. We’d put our quarter into the little dispenser and get our handful of birdseed and then wait in anticipation for a duck to scoop it our of our hand, or for a bird to come and land in it ever so lightly and then fly off. I want Evie to start having these same moments this fall.

8. Make bird seed ornaments: I have seen many great instructions out there for animal friendly bird seed ornaments that you can make at home. I’m looking forward to having these in our trees this fall and winter. I’m hoping to see lots of birds out our kitchen window.

9. Go puddle jumping: really this is something you can do all year. I can’t wait to send many moments outside with Evie and splashing in puddles with her. She is currently all about wearing her rain boots, I think it’s because she can put them on her own feet so easily. I am also looking forward to getting her her very own little umbrella.

10. Thanksgiving picnic: My family has their own tradition of going for a picnic outside, we pack up the whole turkey dinner and eat it outside at a park. Last year though, just the three of us went out on Thanksgiving Day and enjoyed our own little picnic in the park. I want to do that again this year.

11. Pick apples & make hot cider: I’ve never gone apple picking before, so I am really looking forward to getting my own apples and not just baking with them but I want to try making hot apple cider. I want to fill my house with that incredible smell. Anyone have a good recipe?

12. Fall crafts for toddlers: I am hoping to do a couple different crafts with Evie this fall. I want to try potato painting, melted crayon leaves, and much more. I will be sure to share what we get up to.

Is there anything you are hoping to do for sure with your kiddos, and as a family this fall? What are your big plans for this season?

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