October is a month of mystery on Netflix #StreamTeam

I have something to share with all of you. If you follow along over on Instagram you already know. I have joined the Netflix Stream Team. I am really excited because Netflix was a huge mystery to me but I had heard nothing but great things, so I was thrilled when Netflix Canada asked if I wanted to join the Stream Team and see what it really is all about.

Busytown-Mysteries (1)The one thing I noticed about Netflix right away is that there are many shows for all ages, I am really liking the selection of children’s shows. If you are looking for something that runs with the theme of mysteries you are sure to find it on Netflix, they have everything from Blue’s Clues , Spy Kids, and even Inspector Gadget for the younger crowd.  There is something to be solved in each of these, which is great concept to help get kids thinking.

I’m enjoying watch Busytown Mysteries with my daughter. It remind me of the Busytown books I would read when I was a kid. Back when I then my sister’s and I would make those books into our own “I spy…” books searching for different characters and things on all the pages. I really like seeing all the usual characters back now, but in show form.

I recently watched the “Cornfield Confusion” episode with my daughter. While she may be a little young for the actual mystery part of the show, she enjoyed letting me know what animal each character was, and the sound they make. The actual story line in this episode is that Pig Won’t get’s lost inside of a cornfield, and Pig Will, along with Huckle, and a few other characters how to figure out how to help get Pig Won’t out without getting lost in the cornfield themselves. I warn you the theme song will get stuck in your head, but my daughter loves to dance along to it so I never fast-forward past it.

These types of shows provide great opportunities for your kids to participate in what is going on, and for you to have a conversation about it after. There are lots of different questions you can ask if you have older kids. I am really enjoying the fact that Netflix Canada allows you to watch some of the shows that bring back memories of my own childhood. You better believe I am going to be watching Inspector Gadget!

What if you are looking for a fun rainy day activity to do with your kids. What about doing a your own investigation into a mystery by writing out a little note to your kid’s with invisible ink, you could even do the same note on a couple sheets and give them 3 different ways that could make the writing show up. What about the note being a hint to where a special afternoon snack is hidden for your kids to enjoy? I can’t wait to show Evie how to do this when she is older!

*Disclosure – I am a member of the Netflix Streamteam and receive perks in exchange for facilitating posts*

Going on a pumpkin adventure.

20141020_154424Evie is all about “punkins” as she calls them. She gets so excited when she spots one any where. Perhaps this is why we visit so many places with pumpkins. These places also have the added bonus of being outside and that is another thing that always makes her happy.

Raincouver has hit with full force, it is now the season of either hunkering down, or making the most of it. We decided to make the most of it yesterday and brave the ever changing weather. We went to Port Kells Nurseries. I’ve never been before, though I drive past on a very regular basis. I have had several people highly recommend checking it out.

I always just through that it was a tiny little store. Was I ever wrong. It goes farther back than you’d expect. Sure they have turf, hedging, and plants but they also have a pumpkin patch. Once inside we looked around a bit at the items for sale and then a staff member quickly spotted Evie in her bright red coat, and asked if we would like a map of what there was to do and where, and also radioed to see if the hay ride had already left or not. The staff there were very helpful. We passed on the hay ride because there was plenty of other things to do. It is nice to know that there is another place that offered covered hay rides out to a pumpkin patch.

20141020_155622Going through the tunnel in the hay maze.

Inside the building is a hay maze. It’s just the right size for toddlers as it is not too long to get through. Evie zoomed through it twice, and happily played in the tunnels. There is a little section that is a bit dark, but it is very short just keep walking slowly to get through. If you have kids who like to be frightened there is also haunted house inside. We didn’t check this out as I am not a fan, and Evie is much too young for that sort of thing. But it is an option if you have older kids. Evie also quickly spotted the albino bunnies in their cage. The cage is the perfect height for older kids to look into, but there also also little viewing holes on the sides, or there is hay bales kids can climb up on to view in.

20141020_155908Checking out the bunnies.

Apparently on the weekends they have face painting available. The prices for that range from $3 to $5 depending on the size of what is done. Of course if you do want to go home with a pumpkin, there are fees for those. When you are out in the pumpkin field there are buckets marked with different labels. Each label explains how to check what the cost of your pumpkin would be. You place it over top and if your pumpkin fits inside it is that price. The prices ranges from around $2 to $10. I did see a few massive pumpkins around with stickers on them for how much they are. If you want to take home a massive pumpkin you are looking at close to $30.

20141020_160934Wagons were meant for walking on right?

We just walked out to the pumpkin patch. There is a wide variety of coloured pumpkin and gourds available in the patch, or on the other side in little bins. We had a great time just wandering around. My favourite part was that we actually didn’t spend anything on our little adventure. We aren’t ready to bring a pumpkin home just yet because we are waiting til closer to next week. We will probably go back to here though to grab one. If you are looking pumpkin patch adventure that has a little bit of everything, and is budget friendly. This place is great! I really wish I had known about it sooner which is why I am sharing with all of you.

20141020_161307Lots and lots of gourds to pick from.

20141020_161404(0)Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet.

Wearing a classic bow from Queen Bee Headbands. Coat from Old Navy. Jeggins from Gap. Boots from Joe Fresh (similar here}.

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A little thank you and some tea or coffee {Giveaway}

20141011_101843I started blogging with the encouragement of friends who recommended it as a way to share about what was going on in our lives as a family, and to sort through all of the emotions that come with. I love the way that it can be like a running journal of our journey as a family, documenting what is going on and sharing big and little moments. At first it was family and friends who followed along, then it started to grow. You all shocked and blessed me when I found out that I was named the Top Mom Blogger of 2014 at VancouverMom.ca

I am very thankful for those who take the time to read my blog, and share my posts. While my blog may not be anything fancy, it is exactly what I want it to be. I consider the opportunities to do reviews and giveaways blessings. I love when the opportunity comes to be able to share things I love with all of you, and for you to have the chance to possibly win in a giveaway.

As a thank you for helping get my blog to 600 followers on the Discovering Parenthood Facebook page I want to do a giveaway for all of you. There will be 2 winners, yes two! Each winner gets to pick either a Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or Davids Tea giftcard valued at $25, my gift to you. Plus we all know mom’s and dad’s can use a good cup of tea or coffee every now and then.

I am a huge tea fan and will often stock up on my favourite tea, Cream of Earl Grey, from Davids Tea. I’ve even got my mom hooked on it now. Tim Hortons is of course your Canadian destination. I will always remember going to Ontario to visit family and there being a Timmys on every corner at a four way stop. They sure love their Timmys out there, and I cannot blame them with how much I enjoy a cup of french vanilla coffee, or a maple dip doughnut from there. Then we have Starbucks. I eagerly anticipate for pumpkin spice lattes to be available, and then for the special red cups to arrive. I know the count down to the holiday season is on when those red cups show up! Plus you can’t go wrong when you get a chai tea soy latte with a pump of vanilla from Starbucks. *highly recommend if you have not tried it!*

Please enter, and please continue to follow Discovering Parenthood and share our posts. This is my little way of saying thank you! Enter through the rafflecopter giveaway link below. Good luck everyone.

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Peek-A-Boo: Halloween with a baby or toddler


Halloween can be overwhelming for a little one with the different costumes, and decorations around. We are not huge on the scary stuff at all when it comes to Halloween, growing up my family actually did a family night where we would go bowling or to a movie instead. Last year we did get take our daughter, only 10 months old out trick-or-treating. I can tell you that there really is no cause for fear in taking someone so young out. Here are five great ideas from Disney Baby for toning down the nights festivities, so your little pumpkins can join in the action too!

  1.  Be an early bird
    If your baby is old enough and you want to go out and trick-or-treat or take in the sights, don’t be afraid to head out early. Try talking to your neighbours and organizing a special event for wee ones before the real action begins, especially if you know there are many other younger kids in your neighborhood or town home complex. Or find out who is home during the day, and make your rounds then! People are very understand of your going around early when they see a toddler at the door.
  2. Nix the neighbourhood
    If you aren’t comfortable taking your little ones trick-or-treating, there are often local baby-friendly events you can bring them to instead. If you’re not sure where to start, try a zoo! Many organize Halloween activities specifically for young children. What about doing a little get together at your home for your child and all the little ones you know? Have everyone come over, and play some games. The parents could all contribute a treat or snack to a goody bag the kids go home with.
  3. Revel with your relatives
    For a more low-key option, take your baby to visit the family! Have everyone get dressed up in fun, friendly costumes, make a few treats like these frozen ‘boo’-nana pops, set up a pumpkin playdough station, or a craft area. Last Halloween we went over to my parent’s home early and had dinner together, and then headed out trick-or-treating for a little bit. Once our toddler was tired we headed back and watched a little movie before heading home. It was simple, and low key. Perfect for youngsters.
  4.  Stick with stories
    If the idea of  heading out with a toddler or infant on Halloween is still a bit overwhelming, what about reading some pumpkin or Halloween-themed tales, like Pooh says Boo! or Halloween Surprise. Books like these are a simple and easy way to bring the festivities home, ensuring that baby enjoys a Halloween treat, and you enjoy a quiet night in.
  5. Choose a comfy costume
    Whatever activity you choose, if you decide to include a costume, make sure baby is not only cute but also comfy. This cozy Mickey Mouse ensemble features soft fabrics, as well as snap button closures to make mom’s life easier! Finding a costume you can layer under is great too so that you can dress them according to the weather.

1398587_10152019346191303_1872568087_oMy daughter was very young when we took her last year, but she seemed to get the concept right away of saying hi and please, and then people would give her something. She loved it! I can’t wait to see what she thinks this year. We are also currently planning a small get together with some of her little friends beforehand. I’m hoping to have some themed food, and a craft for all of them. Any food idea suggestions?

Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

Coffee dates and October 15th

20141011_101843We finally got to go out and enjoy a little coffee date outing as a family. Jason has taken Evie on his own, and so have I, but we have never gone as a family of 3 to a coffee shop and just relaxed for a bit. Sure it may have been a little chaotic as Evie just wanted to run around for the first while, but that was okay. We have a great little place near us, they have high chairs and a bin of toys for kids who come in.

We ordered a scone to split between us, they are made in store each morning. Jason got a caramel macchiato, and I enjoyed a caramel steamed milk that I could share with Evie. I’m hoping we do this a little more often have a quiet start to the weekend by maybe going for a walk and to the coffee shop. *hint*hint* honey.

There is something else on my heart and mind though today…20141011_101215


20141011_100832Today is also October 15th. The government of BC has proclaimed this to be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. While it hasn’t been recognized on a federal level, it is also recognized in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. I hope soon that this is recognized all across Canada. The United States has recognized this day since 2006. It’s a movement that started in the States in 1988 when President Ronald Reagan declared October to be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I wonder if it was something near to his heart?

It’s a day I wish that no one had to recognize, this whole month for that matter. I wish it didn’t exist. That being said I am thankful that people are stopping the silence and becoming more open about what they are going through. It’s important for there to be awareness about miscarriage, stillbirth, and the death of infants during delivery or shortly after birth. Yes it is a hard thing to talk about, death is hard to discuss. The death of a baby at any stage is devastating and breaks your heart into a million pieces that you never imagine will go back together again. It affects everyone involved – mother, father, grandparents, siblings, and more. Many face the devastation when pregnancy or infant loss happens. Know that you are not alone.

Being open and honest about the two miscarriages we have gone through has made a huge impact on our getting through them, and facing the grieving process day by day. Not hiding it, so many have opened up and shared their stories. It’s something we connect about and can grieve together about.

Today it’s asked for people to light a candle at 7pm, in remembrance of the little one they have lost, or in support of those you may know who have faces such heartbreak. With all the different time zones it’s supposed to be like a wave of light around the world. I encourage you to reach out to others if you have gone through this, or send a little note of love to those you know who have. Each little bit has a huge impact on others. There will be many remembering their babies this evening.

In our area Science World and BC Place are going to be lit up in pink and blue in honour of this day. I am considering heading out that way to take some time to remember, and to also pray for those I know who have gone through this. I kind of really want to see it all lit up in those colours. 20141015_061220

I also did one other thing to help me always remember my little ones, as I refuse to ever forget. As part of our healing process we named our little ones as we do believe we will see our little ones some day when we get to heaven. I had a little pendant made for me by Moo and the Bear. In the middle of the heart it has the initials of the names we chose, and around the outside it says “always in my heart”. Simple, but just what I needed. I know there are other’s who have talked about wanting to get something like this made so I wanted to share what I had done.

Today I will remember…

This month….
We remember
All the babies born sleeping,
Those we’ve carried but never met,
Those we’ve held but couldn’t bring home,
The ones that came home but couldn’t stay.

Help break the silence. Always remember your little one.