Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Disney Baby {Giveaway}


736399_10151421294146303_16165992_obWinter can be a very magical, winter wonderland: a blanket of snow covers and transforms everything around, while a layer of frost makes leaves and branches sparkle. It seems like winter has decided to come early in our area, and all across Canada. While it may be gorgeous to look at, sharing that magic with your baby can be difficult task. Our daughter was born near the end of December, right in the midst of all the cold weather, and when she was a few days old we had our first snow fall of the season. She loved looking at the snow falling down, as it was all so new to her. We were worried about keeping her head, little hands, and feet warm.

To help prepare your baby for the wintry weather ahead, Disney Baby has put together five tips for keeping your little one warm, all winter long.

  1. Appropriate attire
    While it may seem like a good idea to turn your little one into a snow-suited marshmallow, be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want baby to overheat! A good rule of thumb is to dress children less than a year old in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus one more. This rule helped us so much, especially as new parents we were constantly wondering if she was too cold, or too warm. This helped to settle our nerves.
  2. Easy on, easy off
    Opting for a cozy jumpsuit. Fleecy ones like this Winnie the Pooh number, makes layering very easy. Simply slip these one piece wonders over baby’s outfit as you’re leaving the house. With built-in booties and mittens, a snuggly suit will ensure your little one is ready to face even the chilliest of days. They really do make getting ready to go outside so much easier when you have a little one.
  3. Collect cute caps
    Everyone remembers having their Mom yell at them to put their toque back on. Heat escapes through the top of the body, so always make sure your little one’s head is covered. For warmth and style, try these adorable Princess and Pooh cap, mitt and bootie sets – they’re perfect for tiny noggins! If you have a toddler who needs to keep warm, find a hat that ties or stays put under their chin with velcro. Makes it a little harder for them to pull off then.
  4. Take brrr-eaks
    Babies need fresh air, even in winter, and it’s perfectly fine to take your little one outside when it’s chilly. But it’s important not to keep baby out in the cold too long. Keep a watch for fussiness or other signs of discomfort and if you see them, it is time to head back inside for a cuddle!
  5. Create a cozy crib
    Your baby can get chilly, even inside, and many moms worry about keeping little ones warm while they’re asleep. Step one is to create a snug environment. Try using a flannel fitted sheet in your crib and a cozy footed sleeper to keep your little one toasty from tip to toe. For really tiny tots, swaddling is a great option – just make sure you don’t use too many layers!

A big question we had was “How do we keep our baby warm in their car seat when you aren’t supposed to put them in it with a jacket or anything big and puffy on?” My tip for you is that when they are infants it’s a bit easier because you can get them into their car seat inside the house, and then cover them in a nice warm blanket. With our toddler now, we have her book it out to the car, and take her coat off before putting her in the seat. Then we either put her coat on backwards; having her slide her arms in with the coat backwards so it still keeps her warm. We also tuck her in with a blanket if we know it is going to be a longer drive and we want her to be comfy. Please remember that extra bulk from things like jackets and other winter pieces can cause the infant seats, and car seats to not be secure enough; do the pinch test to make sure your little one is in their seat snug and secure.

{ Disney Baby Giveaway }
Disney Baby has very kindly provided a wonderful giveaway for Discovering Parenthood readers (open to residents of Canada). You could win an organic plush Minnie Mouse from 2 blue ducks, a splat mat, super bib, and set of receiving blankets. Enter through the rafflecopter link below. Good luck everyone!
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Laughter is the best Medicine {Netflix}

Mr Poppers Pen - 70178623_1296483bMy blog has been a little quiet recently. I’ve been curled up in bed, or on the couch getting over a cold. All I wanted was to relax, and be done with being sick. My daughter seemed to have noticed that something was just not right with her Mama. She brought me all her comfort items. I had a steady stream of stuffies, bottles, and blankies coming my way. She was also quick to come and cuddle on the couch with me, and sneak her way in under my blanket. I think she knew I needed the cuddles. Really though, I think she wanted in on watching a funny show with me.

I’ve heard often that laughter is the best medicine, and it definitely has helped recently. While recovering on the couch, tissue box in hand, I watched a couple shows on Netflix that had me laughing. If you are looking for something to watch for a family movie night, or you or your kids are having a sick day at home, you will definitely find it on Netflix. The big hit in our home is Despicable Me… who doesn’t love those little yellow minions?

VeggieTales 80011539_11370876

Coming up on November 26th, Netflix has a original series that is starting. I cannot wait to check out VeggieTales in the House. VeggieTales has a new look, but all the great characters we love. I grew up watching VeggieTales so I am intrigued to see what this is going to be like. I am extremely excited for the Veggies to be checking out the house they are in. I’ve always wondered about that counter they are often shown on in the original shows… maybe we finally get to see more of where Bob and Larry live. One thing I do know is that this will be a show full of laughs, and it will also contain great mini lessons about morals.

*Disclosure – I am a member of the Netflix #Streamteam and receive perks in exchange for facilitating posts*

Vancouver Christmas Market {giveaway}


I am so incredibly excited to offer this opportunity to you all. Who would like to go to the Vancouver Christmas Market? It has become a well loved, annual event in Vancouver, and this year marks the 5th anniversary.

We have attended several times since we got married, and I cannot wait to share with all of you about our experience this year on opening day on November 22nd; it runs until Christmas Eve.

If you have been downtown recently you would have noticed little wooden huts popping up all over the plaza in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This year it is apparently covered in incredible Herrnhuter stars. I can only imagine how beautiful it will look this year.

It’s a great place to go if you are looking for a unique place to visit to get you into the holiday mood. It is covered in decorations, there is Christmas music playing, and oh the smells that fill the market. There are 17 different food options, and don’t forget about the cider. There are also things for kids to do like ride on the carousel, decorate their own gingerbread, and try their hand at making their own Herrnhuter star. We love seeing all the ornaments that are available, we always end up picking one to add to our Christmas tree.

You can check out the Vancouver Christmas Market from November 22nd to December 24th. It is open from 11am to 9pm daily; except Christmas Eve where it closes at 6pm. Admission ranges from $3 tp $7. There is a special admission price Monday to Friday for those who attend between 11am and 4pm… its $4! What a great opportunity to go pop in for a nice hot lunch, and check out the market. The carousel is an additional cost. If you have kids, those 6 years old and under are free. Oh and one other thing about admission, for the price of any paid admission you will get a free season’s pass to come back and enjoy the market again.

Would you like to check out the Vancovuer Christmas Market? Discovering Parenthood followers have a great opportunity to win 4 passes to attend the market! I am so excited for the winner of this, it’s like a Christmas present from me to you. Enter through the Rafflecopter Giveaway below. 

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Pure Panic

20141112_171717It happened. A moment I never wanted us to experience. Tonight we lost our daughter. We were at the mall, and popped into the Disney Store to look around. Jason was letting me shop, and was keeping an eye on Evie. I was still keeping track of where they were too. Two sets of eyes are better than one with this girl. In one second she took a turn, and we lost sight of her. With having worked in retail for 5 years I quickly got a staff members attention, let her know my daughter was missing and gave her a description and her name. The staff member called “Code Adam” over her walkie talkie so the other staff could know.  All the staff stopped what they were doing, and started searching for her. Jason rushed out to make sure she hadn’t zoomed out of the front of the store, I booked it around the inside of the store calling her name. It was the worst, panic and prayer filled minutes I have ever experienced. Thankfully a staff member spotted her finally. I burst into tears the moment I swept Evie up into my arms. I am so thankful for everyone’s quick action, I couldn’t thank the staff there enough. I ended up having to sit for a couple of minutes to collect myself, while Evie played in their little colouring and video clip area and Jason kept a very close eye on her.

The emotion we went through I would hope no one else would ever have to go through, but I know several friend’s of mine who have gone through this too. If you ever find yourself in a similar moment please find a staff member fast, be descriptive of their outfit and what they look like, and let the staff know your child’s age. Often when we go out I also take a moment to capture a photo of Evie, this way we have a recent photo. I was so worried that this may have been a moment where I would have needed that photo. I also learned tonight that Evie will now be handcuffed to us when we go on our family vacation soon.

And in other news… the Disney Store has buy one get one for $1 on most of their stuffies! 

Fall is wrapping up.

IMG_4699bIt seems like fall is already wrapping it up. The other morning I had to scrape ice off the windows of my car, and I could smell it in the air. Yes…it… and I wasn’t the only one because my sister said she could smell it too… SNOW! We are those crazy ladies who say they can smell snow in the air. Kind of like Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. If it had been any colder it just might have been snowing. Friends and family of mine who live in Alberta and Ontario have already had some snow come their way and they will likely not see the green of their grass again until April. Still, I am slightly envious because the one thing I love more than bright coloured leaves all over the ground is snow.

We needed out of the house so we decided to head out to a park. Plus I wanted Evie to get to play in some of the leave piles that are around before they disappear into plastic bags from landscapers. She did her best of chucking them up in the air and letting them come falling down again. When we go out for walks she often picks up a leaf and will proclaim that the leaf is flying as she walks with it. I think she has my love for fall.

I still have a few more things I am hoping to cross off my fall to do list before this season officially wraps up. I am especially looking forward to making bird seed cookie feeders of some sort. Mama.Papa.Bubba has two great options here and hereIMG_4687