Painted Boat Part 2


We got to enjoy one full day in the area where Painted Boat resides. While I wanted to just relax, Jason had other plans. He wanted to get out and do one thing at least. We got up early and hit the road to go for a hike. Jason had done his research and wanted to go see the Skookumchuck Rapids.

I was not really prepared to go hiking, so I ended up hiking in all black. I strongly do not recommend that! Thankfully Jason was thinking ahead and had packed the jogging stroller. It’s not a hike for little ones to do on their own, but in a jogger they can enjoy all the scenery and maybe see some animals. Meanwhile mommy and daddy got a great work out pushing the stroller.

While we had timed our hike perfectly the rapids were not at their wildest. It varies throughout the year. It was still beautiful there, and we enjoyed a little picnic at the view point. Soon it was time to head back to the resort. Evie’s nap was looming right around the corner.


After Evie’s nap we snuck in some more time at the pool. The weather was very hot, one of the warmest for our summer. I couldn’t get enough of the infinity pool there, it is gorgeous with the view there. Jason got to head down there on his own both evenings we were at the resort and use the gym and pool. Nothing compares though to family time. Evie is such a little water baby, and is so full of joy whenever she goes in the water. I will always have memories of her giggles and smiles from being tossed up out of the water, and caught in my arms.


A major highlight of our stay was the incredible dinner from The Restaurant we were treated to. We were blessed to get to enjoy a 3 course meal. It was definitely one of the best meals out we have ever had. We went for an early dinner because of Evie’s bed time, and it worked to our advantage as we had the place to ourselves. The staff were amazing, and so attentive, especially to Evie. Dinner out with a kid can be stressful for parents. We didn’t have to worry about that here. The staff kindly rescued her toy car before we noticed it rolled away, and brought her lots of crayons and a colouring sheet. Thanks to this attentiveness Jason and I enjoyed an hot meal for the first time in a long time! What a meal it was. Roast avocado, steak, and a salmon dish I dream of recreating! Oh, and do try the creme brulee.


Putting Evie to bed that night meant our trip was coming to an end. I did not want this break from the real world to end. It was so nice to get away and truly relax. It was needed. Jason and I sat out on the patio of our villa and took it all in, watching the sun set.

The next morning Evie helped chuck stuff into the suitcase as we packed up to sign out. We enjoyed one last DIY breakfast, and headed out the door. I couldn’t thank the staff enough for our stay. We told then we’d gladly stay and work there if it meant we could continue to stay in the villa.

The Painted Boat is now on my list of places I’d love to go back to one day with more of my family. Maybe do a big family get away. It will take some saving, but it would be so worth it.


Heading back to the ferry to go home we made a little pit stop after seeing a sign that said heritage farm store and another saying beach. We had lots of opportunities to catch a ferry home so we decided to take our time getting there. We walked past the little store and found a staircase leading down to the beach. I instantly started day dreaming of owning a home on the water. Evie had a great time running in the beach and throwing rocks. We were soon joined by a few others, some with dogs. We departed soon after because we saw more people coming and soon the joy of having a hidden beach to ourselves was going to be gone.


The ferry ride home went even faster than the one going there. I always dislike return trips. This time I was thankful for a mini getaway filled with wonderful memories. Add in a very hyper Evie running around on the boat, and hanging off railings, I found myself too distracted to be sad. I am going we will get to return to the sunshine coast in the near future. There is definitely much more to explore. I can picture many more family trips over here.


Little Moments: Bath Time Imagination

Evie has changed into such a little person recently. She is changing every day,  and always learning something new.

Today she ended up having an early bath after her nap time. We’d just returned home from our mini vacation and we put her right to bed for a nap. Add in the crazy hot day we were having here in the Lower Mainland, and she was toasty after her nap. Right into the tub she went. Time to play,  and to cool down.

With swimming lessons,  and splashing in the lake she has learned how to say “swimming”. In the tub you could hear her saying over and over “I swimming! I swimming Mama!” Then I saw her imagination at work. I could tell she was making up something,  a whole story and scene in her mind as she played with all her little bath toys. A bunch of different ocean creatures. Suddenly the sea horse was swimming and the dolphin was making bubbles,  and I’m sure the others were doing things too but I couldn’t understand what Evie was saying.

I love that I can see how creative she is already. Kids are so incredible!

A trip to the hospital


What’s a vacation without a trip to the hospital? A normal relaxing vacation!

I ended up calling Jason to come pick me up at where my family was “glamping”. He is staying at his parents to get a visit in with them, plus he is working. I had called several times and was getting really grumpy. So when he answered finally I kept it short and told him to hurry up and get me to take me to the hospital.

Poor guy ended up rushing out,  and called me back asking if someone else could rush me out so he could meet me there thinking I was dying basically. Meanwhile I told him to chill out, that I’d wait for him since I was having a s’more by the camp fire. He didn’t like hearing that, since he thought it was a major emergency.

Nope! It wasn’t a major emergency. After getting my mom’s second opinion we decided I should go to the hospital to get my incision from the surgery checked. It looked like I was at least having a bad reaction to something and we wanted to be sure everything was ok. Evie was in bed,  thankfully with lots of family around I knew she was in good hands if she woke during the night.

We took a random back road to Vernon hospital, with no street lights and lots of turns. We almost hit a massive racoon on the way there. The whole time we were praying the hospital wouldn’t be busy so I could get in right away.

Jason dropped me off at the emergency doors and went to find parking. What an answer to prayer it was empty in there! I was admitted and seen by two nurse and the doctor within 45 minutes.

The doctor agreed to what I suspected; that I was having a brutal allergic reaction to the bandages and steristrips used on my incision. What had been used on me is meant for people with allergies to adhesive.  Everyone there told me they had never seen this happen before. I guess I’m unique cause now they’ve seen it!

The silly bandages and steristrips have been replaced with something else they are hoping I won’t react too. I was also given a prescription for a cream to treat the rash from the allergic reaction.

Round trip we ended up having me back at the camp within 2 hours, with memories made of a late night hospital trip. Very thankful for our medical system. If we’d been from our of country the cost of last night would have started at $1100.

Tell me in not the only one who is randomly allergic to different bandages and adhesive? Anyone else ever have a bad reaction?

A Little Picnic

20140820_170947The day before my surgery I was very tense, and needed out of the house. We decided that we would go for a picnic and head to Tynehead Regional Park. We’d done this once before at Thanksgiving, so we were about due to go back. With the idea in our heads, and no food to make up for a picnic we rushed out to get our favourite Indian food, and cupcakes to take with us. Dinner to go, and no dishes that needed to be done after, perfect!

If you have never gone out to Tynehead you really should. If you live on the other side of the Portman Bridge, it is not far over on this side, and it’s right near the freeway exit and entrance. Wear your walking shoes, pack the stroller, or if your kiddos have strider bikes there are some perfect trails for that too! It just depends on which entrance to Tynehead you go to.

We set up our little picnic at one of the benches near the Tynehead Hatchery entrance. In the evening it’s perfect because there are several benches in the shade, but they also get sunlight. There are often airplanes that are travel over head, so if someone in your family loves planes this is a perfect place to spot some. Getting out, and spending time with my little family was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits the evening before my surgery. Evie is in this silly phase right now where she will only eat food if she gets to dip it in something, or we pretend to dip it for her. Do that, and she will down all of the food on her plate. The good thing too about Indian food is that there is so much flavour to the food that she loves it. Go figure, because it is what I craved on a regular basis while pregnant with her. The highlight of the night for her though was getting to try some cupcake. We picked up some from Happycakes. At her first birthday she didn’t really touch her cake, this time things were different. She was asking “please more” before she was even done eating the little piece she had.

We had to cut our time out a bit short because it was Evie’s bedtime. I’d hoped to go for a walk, but it is just not worth it to risk staying out late and pushing bedtime back. We packed up, and Evie helped take the garbage to the garbage can. We will definitely be going back soon to enjoy a nice long walk around the park. This little picnic has me thinking of fall, and looking forward to crisp cool evening walks. Add in a pumpkin spice latte and I will be a very happy lady.20140820_173225




Five Ways To Have Fun In The Sun With Baby.

20140802_102018_bIn the summertime when the weather is fine, the best place to be is always outside! I know many of us have been getting outside and enjoying the summer sun as much as possible, but you have to be careful to protect your baby from the sun, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy together as a family. Here are some ideas from Disney Baby on how to make the most of your summer with baby.

  1. Throw a picnic
    Picnics are an easy and inexpensive way to fill a summer day with fun. Pack some snacks in reusable snack bags, and put together a picnic kit, including a comfy blanket, some toys and a disposable diaper bag. Then head to your favourite park and relax! Your baby can nap, play or just cuddle for hours!
  2. Hit the beach
    Introduce your baby to the surf and sand! A trip to the beach offers endless entertainment: take baby for a careful splash in the warm water or let him/her play with the cool, wet sand. But remember to plan ahead – bring a Waterproof Bag for bathing suits, some waterproof beach toys, and a towel for baby to sit on or snuggle up in.
  3. Purchase a paddling pool
    If you can’t make it to the beach, why not create one at home? Set up a paddling pool in your garden and have fun bathing baby outside! Play with toys and have a little splash – just don’t stay in too long or your baby may get cold.
  4. Go for a walk
    A walk is a great way for you and baby to get some fresh air together. In a hooded stroller, like this great Minnie Mouse one, your baby can take in the sights while remaining protected from the sun. Try attaching some stroller toys to keep baby entertained while you’re on the move.
  5. Play in the park
    Parks offer you and baby plenty of free fun. Take your little one to a local sandbox or paddling pool, where she can meet and play with other babies. If your baby can sit and has stable head control, you can try swinging her gently in a baby swing too!

What have been your favourite thing to do outside this summer? I’ve loved the visits we’ve had to the beach, and watching my daughter explore and discover all the different things she can find in the water and on the sand.  Is there anything new you’d like to try this year before summer is over? We made sure to make a bucket list of things we wanted to do this summer so that we didn’t miss out on doing something.

Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.