Evie’s Nursery Tour

I realized recently that I have never shared Evie’s nursery room. When she first arrived she stayed in our room for the first month while we finished putting the finishing touches in her room. Plus I wanted her close to us for the first bit. Jason is a light sleeper and did not sleep well with all her little baby noises so at exactly a month old into this room she went, and it’s been her bedroom ever since. That was also the first time she slept through the night.

IMG_8126Two sister’s who I went to middle school with make up The Vintage Sisters, and I asked them if they could put together some sort of name art for Evie’s room. They came up with this cute picture frame layout that drew from the colours of Evie’s bedding set. The owl on the shelf is actually the bank that I gave Jason to let him know we were expecting. I attached a note to it saying that we needed to start saving for our kid’s future education.

IMG_8142I cannot thank my mom and sister enough for getting me a very comfy glider to have in this room. That chair has been used every day, and evening since it has been put in the nursery. When Evie was little, and her reflux was horrible I ended up sleeping in the chair holding her in an upright position many nights.

IMG_8135We bought Evie’s crib, and change table on sale at a local store a few months before she was born. These are the items that if I could redo buying these I would get these two items used off of one of the many kids swap groups that I now know exist. I love the set, we just could have saved even more if we bought used. That being said our crib and change table we have were the only set that Jason and I agreed on the whole time we were searching for a set for her room. I love that her change table has two big drawers, one contains all of my cloth diaper stash, and the other her pajamas. While there is debate as to whether or not a diaper genie is useful or not, for us it has been. It’s one of those things that’s really a personal preference. I also highly recommend getting good blackout curtains. The pink ones in Evie’s room did not make it dark enough during the day, so we actually have another set up behind those that are solid black. Her room is dark during the day, and very dark at night time when they are closed.

IMG_8131Evie has a very large book collection that has been growing since before she was born. We have read to her as part of her bedtime routine since she was little, and from that I’m pretty sure her love of books has developed. I wanted her books and toys to be easily accessible for her. We got this little unit from Ikea and its perfect to hold everything. On top is our sanity saver… a sound machine! This made a huge difference in Evie sleeping well at nap time and bed time. Once we started using one to provide constant white noise she slept so much better.

IMG_8130Her room doesn’t really have a major theme, but I did want lots of pops of colour against they grey walls. My Nana gave us Evie’s bedding set as a gift and I adore the vibrant floral print. From there we tied in the woodland animal decals that are on her walls, and the bright pink curtain over the window. Of course Evie keeps her little side kick in her room all the time… Red Panda.


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Evie’s Toddler Bed Transition


IMG_8145It still amazes me how much of a little person Evie is now. I still picture her as my little newborn half the time, but she really isn’t a baby. She’s a little girl, a toddler yes, but a little girl. She is talking more and more and I love hearing her sweet little voice.

I decided very last minute that we should switch her crib to having the toddler side up. Honestly I lost my marbles and went into full on cleaning mode in her room, and while cleaning I decided that I wanted it switched right then and there. - Sorry honey - Evie has been all about big kid beds for awhile. When we’ve gone over to friend’s homes she would climb up onto their kids beds and start chanting “Big bed! Big bed!”. If we went into Ikea, she’d go straight for the big kid beds, and then to the toy area. I decided that it was time to just give it a go. Thankfully she has never tried to climb out of her crib. I was always worried she would because I have several memories of falling out of my crib when I was a kid, and that hard landing onto the ground sucked!

Thankfully Jason was all for it and we rounded up the pieces we needed to switch her crib around. They had been sitting in our closet for awhile, and were mixed up with bits and pieces from a few other pieces of furniture we have. It took a bit to figure out which parts to remove, and what went there because we didn’t have the instructions, but we figured it out!

IMG_8149By the time we had the bed put together it was time for Evie to go to bed. We honestly were not sure what to expect. We figured she would either stay in bed, fall out of bed in the middle of the night, or she would just get up and play with toys and read her books. Thankfully the first night went amazing! She stayed in bed the whole night, and she did not fall out. In the morning we went and checked on her and she was still in bed despite being awake. She was waiting for us to come and get her like we always have. Her first nap in the bed went just as smoothly. We have had no problems with her transitioning to this toddler bed. I may have just jinxed it… I will keep you posted.

Now we are debating about what we want to do. Currently our guest room is storage and has our office desk in there. We are considering switching Evie over to that room come spring time. So I am getting together lots of ideas on Pinterest for what we want to do. When we make that switch Evie will probably get an actual toddler bed, or we may even switch her to a real “big girl” bed. Lots to think about.

How did switching your kid from their crib to bed go? Did it go smoothly, or did you have some bumps along the way? 


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#WinAWinnie Book Review {Giveaway}

9780805097153Many of us grew up having the stories of a certain little bear who loved honey ever so much read to us. Winnie-the-Pooh and all of his friend’s from the Hundred Acre Woods were part of our childhood thanks to the written works of A.A. Milne. Have you ever wondered where the idea for this lovable bear came from?

Many of us Canadians have an idea thanks to a commercial that used to always be played on television, or we learned this bit of the tale thanks to our teachers in school. We learned just a bit about how Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn purchased a bear at a train station from a hunter, and that bear was given the name Winnie after the soldiers hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnie found herself to be the unofficial mascot of Harry’s regiment, and she was smuggled into Britain. Winnie was eventually left at the London Zoo while her owner headed to France with his unit. After the war ended Winnie was donated to the London Zoo, a place that she had come to know as home. A.A. Milne’s son, Christopher Robin Milne named his toy bear Winnie after the Canadian black bear that he visited often at the zoo. From this came the inspiration for the Winnie-the-Pooh stories.

9780805097153_sp12Winnie: The Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh is all about this story; of a soldier and his bear. The pages are covered in gorgeous water colour illustrations. This is a tale that many will enjoy, especially all us adults who have already grown up with Winnie-the-Pooh as part of our lives for so long. Knowing the inspiration for the books makes them all the more special. I’m certain this book will be making its way into many classrooms, and homes alike as the real tale of Winnie is shared. I am so glad to have this story, and to be able to share it with my daughter.

You could Win A Winnie  

Raincoast Books has very kindly provided the opportunity for one Discovering Parenthood reader to win a copy of Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only. Enter by clicking on the Raflecopter link below, and following the steps there.

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Family Vacation: Disney California Adventure

cal6The one thing that was strongly recommended to us was to get Park Hopper Tickets, and am I ever glad we did! We were able to go back and forth between Disneyland Park and California Adventure. This definitely came in handy since it was the holiday season and both parks were busy, but we were able to switch parks if one had a parade going on or some other big event and take advantage of the other park, and the rides were easier to get on.

We had been warned to get Fast Passes for Radiator Springs right away. I am so thankful we went in with this knowledge because during our visit if you did not grab these right away they were gone by 11am, and you were looking at a 2 to 3 and a half hour long wait for standby to get on Radiator Springs. Which seriously is the best ride in there! We actually went into the park, waited for the ropes to drop at opening, and Jason took off “speed walking” (because there is no running aloud) with both of our tickets to get fast passes. He also grabbed passes to World of Colour for the first show in the evening. Grab that right away too.

With passes in hand we then wandered around and took in the sights. We fell in love with Cars Land. We are all Cars fans in this house, Evie has a little Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater car that she brought with us on the trip. One of them even made an appearance in our photo with Lightening McQueen. Radiator Springs looks exactly like the scenes in the movie. Disney did an incredible job on this part of the park, and I love that there are PhotoPass Photographers all over. Be sure to stop and get your photos taken, and ask for those magic shots!

cal1After our Fast Passes were used, we asked for Rider Switch Passes because whoever didn’t go on the ride, the other parent was with Evie enjoying the rides she could go on. She was a bit too short for Radiator Springs Racers. This ride was the highlight of the California Adventure side for us, and we can totally understand why people wait to go on. We both loved zooming through Radiator Springs, and racing another car to the finish line. It is so much fun. If you are waiting for family on the ride go down the exit side, and there is a bit of a viewing area where you can watch and wait for your family to zoom past and snap a photo of them.

cal3Evie and I ventured off at one point while Jason was on another ride, and waited to go on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It feature’s the little tractors he likes to cause to tip over, and you ride in cart attached to it that sways back and forth. The line was a bit longer than it was said to be, but Evie was a champ and happily waited thanks to the fun music playing and all the stuff to look at in the junkyard. While she loved the ride at first, even I was a bit apprehensive of it after a bit as the seat belts are not per person, it goes right across your whole seat – one for everyone on the bench. With the swaying you move around a lot. I would definitely wait to go on it next time we are there for Evie to be much taller. That or be prepared to hold onto your kid tight. It was still fun, but Evie went from excited to a bit worried. There is a tractor outside of the ride that you can take photos on, so if the ride isn’t for you but you love the tractors be sure to get a photo with one.

cal2Flo’s Cafe was also highly recommended to us, and it was the one place we stopped to eat at in the park twice! The first time Jason and I were both very hungry and got individual meals, the second time we shared a meal and enjoyed a turkey dinner. The food is great! You are given a menu and select what you would like, and like a car hop you go up and give your order. The food is prepared very quickly and you can find booth or table seating, or even go outside to picnic tables. The music is great, and Evie was happily dancing along while she ate her mac-n-cheese and turkey sandwich. On the one side of Flo’s you also have a great view of the car’s going round on Radiator Spring’s Racers, you may even see Lightening McQueen Drive past to go take some photos with those in the park.

10900172_10152985596256303_7710812778141070942_o-sideIn California Adventure I got to experience my first ever big roller coaster ride when I went on California Screamin’. While it didn’t make me scream, I absolutely refused to, I did ride a good chunk of it with my eyes closed I am so terrified of heights. Jason however took it light a champ!

cal4Tucked in beside Cars Land is A Bug’s Land. The rides in here are great for toddlers, with hardly any wait times to get on. We looped round to get back on rides here and waited for only a few minutes each time. It was great. Evie spotted Flik’s Flyers from far away and wanted on instantly. It’s similar to Dumbo; you go up and twirl around, going up and down. You ride in juice boxes, food cartons, and more. We also rode on Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, and Francis’ Ladybug Boogie. We just didn’t do the bumper car style ride in there as we aren’t ones for being jolted around. There is even a little puddle park tucked in here if you need a place for your kids to run around and cool down. There are also washrooms here that were never busy, even a small family one to make it easier if you have a stroller or need to bring several kids in.


We absolutely loved the shows in California Adventure. The parade had lots of Disney & Pixar characters, which are who many kids today know and love. It was also very high energy, Evie was dancing in her seat when she wasn’t trying to take it all in. World of Colour was Christmas themed and hosted by Olaf from Frozen. At one point his bottom bounced along to lead a singalong. This was one we had to line up and wait to get in early, especially since we wanted decent viewing with Evie in her stroller. There is also a splash zone from the spray of the water during the show. I would definitely watch World of Color again.

Some of the other rides that Evie really enjoyed in here were Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, and King Triton’s Carousel. We couldn’t walk past these without her wanting to go on again. Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is great because it keeps loading and unloading with people so you can get on very fast. I also really liked that this is one of these simple rides that actually ends with a happily ever after scene. One evening after a show we are heading to the exit when we stumbled upon a ride that had no wait time and was open. I decided to go on and Jason stayed with Evie. I didn’t realize that it was Grizzly River Run! I ended up a bit drenched but it was a lot of fun. Jason went in right after I got back. That was a fun little experience, definitely no turning back when you get to the rotating deck to get on. There is one ride that we wish we’d been able to go on more often, Toy Story’s Midway Mania. This ride allows any height on, we had Evie sit on Jason’s lap so that she could see easily. You ride on a track, and become an honourary toy. You get to aim at different midway targets. It’s a lot of fun, and there are “easter eggs” hidden throughout to help you get a high score. So do you research before you go. Jason and Evie were the winners for our ride through.

California Adventure is a lot of fun, we found it to be more calm in here over the Disney Park side, except for Car’s Land which was always busy. It provides a great chance to walk around, and get on rides. There are more rides on this side for the thrill seekers. Jason was the only one out of the two of us to brave The Tower of Terror… there is just no way I was going on that. We are definitely looking forward to going back in the future when Evie is older so that she can go on more of the rides here. She is a little, but very daring girl and we are sure she will love this side of Disneyland some day. I cannot wait to go back some day!

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