LUSH: Products I love for my face


My face and I have not been getting along recently. Which means break outs. Not fun! I used to always use products from the local pharmacy, but I wanted to see if there was something more natural that I could use to help combat breakouts and make my skin feel so much better. LUSH came to the rescue.

  1. Eau Roma Water: Seeing water in the title made my husband ask “Is it just water?”, well sort of. It’s a toner water. This little product contains only two active ingredients (the ingredients that treat the problem). This toner is a moisturizing toner. I was very skeptical when I first read into this one, but since using it. I love it! It is my go to for after I clean my face and rid it of makeup. Simply spritz on your face, and remove the excess with a cotton ball if you want. I prefer to just let it air dry. This is a great product for dry, or sensitive skin. On the website it suggests using this during air travel to prevent dry skin from the recycled air. I love the subtle smell from the rose water, the rose water is what helps the skin to keep in moisture. It is also said to aid in evening out skin tone, which is another thing I noticed since I started using this.
  2. Angels on Bare Skin: If you love the smell of lavender this one is for you! This is a facial cleanser to help your skin. Dampen your skin with some water, and break a piece off and put it in the palm of your hand. Add some warm water to it to turn it into a paste. Then massage it into your skin. Rinse it all off, and pat your skin dry. The kaolin clay is what cleanses the skin, while there are ground up almonds and some lavender flowers that help exfoliate your skin while you use it. My skin felt so soft after using this! It is one of LUSH’s top sellers.
  3. Imperialis: This is a moisturizer that works with most skin types out there. I know this will be helping to save my skin come fall and winter when my skin really freaks out. The ingredients in this help encourage your skin to produce natural oils, and helps prevent skin from being too oily. A little goes a long way with the tub, so your really get your value from it. If you have blemish prone skin like me the tiger lily extract will become a favorite ingredient of yours because it helps tighten the pores of the skin, so dirt and oil stay out!
  4. Cosmetic WarriorIf you only pick one of these to add to your LUSH collection, I would say pick this. It came on the recommendation of several of my friends, and boy am I glad to have it. I would say this product is the go to item for breakout prone skin. It is my go to item! I use it both as a spot treatment, and as a face mask. While the name of the product may say warrior, it is very gentle on the skin. It contains all sorts of ingredients that help smooth and tighten the pores, and other ingredients that are for cleansing. You will recognize all of the ingredients on the list for this one, so be sure to follow the major instruction and keep it in the fridge! Its a fresh face mask, key word there is fresh. If you have time to relax at home, use it as a mask. If things are really troublesome do a spot treatment with it overnight. It has helped clear up my face within a couple days. I really love this one, and it will not be leaving my fridge any time soon.


Kangaroo Creek Farm

IMG_2770When we were on our trip to the Okanagan I remembered about Kangaroo Creek Farm. I had seen it several times on tourist advertisements when on previous vacations. I had always said that I wanted to go, and now with a daughter who loves animals as much as I do we made sure to include this as a place to see on our trip.IMG_2630Parking is reserved for handicap only down in the farm. When you visit you park on the main road, there is lots of parallel parking, and you will see a sandwich board sign letting you know where the farm is. We put Evie in the baby carrier and walked down the hill to get in. We weren’t sure what we were in for, but I was really excited.

On their website you will see that entry into the farm is done by an honour system of donations. There is a little box by the gate to go in. The recommended donation is $5 per person. Please do donate, this helps run the farm and take care of all the creatures there. IMG_2672As soon as we went in we saw animals. It was incredible! It’s like a little piece of Australia has been tucked into the Okanagan. There are of course kangaroos, but there are also ducks, goats, capybaras, pigs, and so much more.  When went just before lunch time thinking it wouldn’t be too busy because people would be leaving for lunch. We were partially right. We learned later that the best time to go is in the evening after the kangaroos have their naps during the hottest time of the day. If you want to feed the little ones though, it is best to go first thing in the morning when the farm opens this way you have a better opportunity of getting to experience feeding a baby joey.IMG_2629I will never forget Evie’s face when she saw all the kangaroos for the first time. She was so happy. We let her out of the baby carrier and stayed close to her. We didn’t want her running and frightening any of them. She was so good about that though.

One of the staff members came up to us and gave us all a willow branch to feed to the kangaroos. Even Evie got in on feeding them. All you have to do is hold out the branch near them and if they are hungry they will start to nibble on the leaves. IMG_2683A huge highlight of the visit for me was getting to hold and feed one of the baby joeys. Evie sat beside me for a bit and watched. She kept looking at the one I was holding, and over to another little joey. There were two albino joeys and one was being held by another visitor right beside her. I was in my happy place getting to hold and feed a joey. I have always dreamed of going to Australia, and this has helped with that dream a smidgen. I have always been so intrigued by kangaroos, even doing a report on them in grade three. This just made my day.

Evie did decide to go walk around with her Dad, but when she saw that I was holding a bottle of milk for the joey she seemed to become a bit jealous. Without the words to express how she felt, she got very upset. We figure it was  a bit of wanting to hold the joey herself, and not being impressed that her mommy was feeding another baby. IMG_2763If you have the opportunity to check out Kangaroo Creek Farm. Go! We will be going back to visit again this summer on our next trip to the Okanagan. It’s a very special place here in BC.

Summer Bucket List

130We hope to make the most of this summer by doing all sorts of different things. I wanted to put a list together so that I would remember what all we wanted to set out to do. I tend to forget things unless I write it down. We hope to get out and enjoy a few different local activities, and more.

Here is our summer bucket list…

  1. Go the the water park. Since we have a toddler who is walking, and running. This is a great place for us to go. We’ve already been once, and hope to go a few more times to different ones in our area.
  2. Cook on the BBQ. Since summer tends to mean hot weather, we want to use our BBQ as often as possible to keep the house from getting over heated. Plus, who doesn’t love a good burger or steak done on the BBQ? I am also really hoping to have some friends over one evening too.
  3. Go swimming. This is an easy one to cross of the list for us because we signed our daughter up for swimming lessons. We also know that there are a couple dates coming up for discounted, or even free swimming days at our local pool.
  4. Get some Fish & Chips. There are a few locations around the Vancouver area that are well known for their fish & chips. I really want to spend an evening at the beach as a family, and go enjoy this as a special dinner some time.
  5. Ice Cream. Thankfully our toddler does not know the sound of the ice cream truck, but we do hope to get her a special treat from one of the ice cream parlors that are around. Who am I kidding, we want some yummy ice cream too.
  6. Make popsicles. I am currently on the hunt for some popsicle molds so that we can make our own treats to help beat the heat.
  7. Mommy Daughter Date. I want to go out on a couple mommy daughter only dates this summer. Not exactly sure what we will do yet. Maybe go to one of the child friendly movie times, or for a walk. We will see. Summer break from work gives me a great opportunity to spend more time with my daughter.
  8. Go boating. I’d love to go boating again on one of the lakes this summer. We have been once already, but I would love to go again. I am also looking into renting kayaks or a canoe in Deep Cove so that my husband and I can have a date out.
  9. Go berry picking. While we have gone berry picking once already, we want to go again and get some more. There are still lots of berries available, and most recently blue berries have become ready. It’s time to go pick some more.
  10. Build a sand castle. I’d like to go to the beach, and make a sand castle with Evie. Sure she may be more into destroying the sand castle, but it will still be fun.

Are you looking for some more fun ideas? Check out all these great summer bucket lists from some of my friends and fellow bloggers. You are sure to find something that will work for you and your family. Go take a look, and be inspired.



Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue {Review}

planesfireandrescue5398a087e82c6Last night I had the opportunity to go see Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue with my family. We debated taking Evie with us back and forth, right up until leaving. Last minute we decided to keep her home as it was a late movie, and we didn’t want to keep her up past her bedtime. I know after seeing the movie this is one she will enjoy. We will definitely be adding it to our Disney movie collection.PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE

In the original film Planes, Dusty realized his dreams of becoming a star on the international racing circuit. Dusty Crophopper (voiced again by Dane Cook) is flying high in “Fire & Rescue” he is enjoying being an air racer, unfortunately troubles begin during a flight. Dusty’s mechanic, Dottie (voice by Terri Hatcher), has to break the news to him that his gearbox is done for and if he continues to race he will be risking crashing and flying no more. No more racing for Dusty.

A fire breaks out at the airport, and Dusty and his friend’s learn that their airport is not meeting safety regulations and gets shut down. Dusty gets some inspiration from the wall of fame when he visits Mayday (Hal Holbrook), a old and rusting fire truck who has seen better days. The only way to reopen the airport is to improve their safety regulations, fix up Mayday, and add another firefighter to the team. This is Dusty’s opportunity to try something new, a second chance at another career. After seeing a photograph on Mayday’s wall of another crop duster, who also worked as a SEAT – Single Engine Air Tanker, who aided during wild fire attacks.  Dusty goes off to learn how to be a part of a fire fighting team, and works with a unique crew of aeriel firefighters.PLANES FIRE & RESCUE

I have seen the first movie, Planes, but dare I say I think the sequel is an major improvement upon it.There is much more to the story line this time round, and it really keeps your attention. There are a few tense moments, so I would recommend this movie for older children who have a better understanding that this is a animated film. The fire scenes may be a bit too frighting for younger children. That being said it is definitely filled with lots of adventure and action, and if you have kids who love planes, trains, and automobiles this is the film for them. I also really appreciated the salute to the heroism of firefights, and what they do. Be sure to keep an eye out when you do see the film, we left fairly certain we saw a few “easter eggs” hidden in the movie.

Will you be going to see Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue? Come back and tell me who your favourite character is!20140716_184252

Disclosure: I am a Disney Mom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to Disney Baby events and products. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Summer Road Trip Part 2

ab7Jason was in charge of directions to Alberta, and figuring out how to get to my cousin’s home. I am so thankful for technology, and being able to get directions off our cell phones. We got a bit turned about a couple times when trying to find a gas station, or we missed an exit some how. At one point we had also texted my cousin and she told us what exit to take when she found out where we were at. If she hadn’t, we may have taken a bit longer to get to their place as our directions had us going to a whole other exit.

It was so nice to see my cousin and her family again. It had been a few years since I had seen her kids, and it was their first time meeting Evie. She took to them right away, and it may have help they have a big back yard she got to run around and play in after a crazy long car ride.

ab3We slept in the following day, and decided to beat the heat and go check out West Edmonton Mall. Jason had been there when he was a kid, and in high school. That mall is huge! I was a bit shocked to walk in and see a skating rink right away, and then Jason showed me the areas where they have the water park, and all the large rides. It definitely seems like more of a destination to bring older kids to. We didn’t go on any of the rides or into the water park. We enjoyed the air conditioning and walked around window shopping.

ab2We only stayed two full days in Alberta because of our time restraints with driving and all of that, on our last morning there we got to meet up with the lovely ladies behind buddhiBaby, Candyce and Harmony, for coffee. We went to Java Mama in St. Albert. We were warned that we need to bring or wear socks. We understood once we got there why. You sign in at the counter, and can place an order for coffee and or snacks, and then you head in and take your shoes off and make sure you have socks on. This place is seriously brilliant. They have a play area with a built in baby gate around it, there are even little windows in the “baby gate” that is more like a mini wall with doors, so that you can see your little one playing when sitting and they can see you. Any ways back to buddhibaby… Candyce and Harmony are two of the sweetest ladies. They have built their own business after meeting during prenatal yoga, and it has become this wonderful company. They put together unique gift boxes that are geared towards those expecting, new moms, and new borns, and even unique ones for bath time or a teething baby. If you are looking for a unique gift for a new mom, these are absolutely lovely. They have done all the hard work in finding incredible products that contain perfect items. There are even many Canadian made items! If you have never heard of them before, be sure to follow them on Facebook, there is something special that is going to be launched soon and I got a sneak peak! I told them that I want to preorder it so that I get it right away! We had a really great time hanging out with them, and talking about everything from what we go through when pregnant, to kiddos fighting sleep and why we do what we do blogging and business wise.

ab1It was so good to see my family in Alberta. My cousin there is more like another big sister to me, so getting to visit and see her whole family was great. I am so thankful they let us invade for a few days. Evie was showered with love by everyone, and we could tell she really looked up to her older cousins there. So much so that she learned two names, saying “Kurt” and “Luke”, we couldn’t believe it. They all spoiled us, and blessed us with a place to stay and food to eat.

My favourite memory from the trip there is seeing Evie run around the Woodlands Water Play Park. It’s one of the biggest zero-depth water play parks I’ve seen. While there were lots of there cooling down on the hot day, there was plenty of room for everyone to play in the water park. We found a bench and were able to set up there with our picnic lunch. The kids all took off to play in the park. Evie was running all of the place enjoying the water, and following her cousins. The look of joy on her face is one I will never forget.

We are already hoping to go back in the future, though next time we will probably fly and maybe rent a car to cut down on travel time there and so that we can enjoy more of Alberta. We started our trip back the next day, and while we aimed to leave early we took our time so that we could say goodbye to our family before leaving. I teared up once in the car. It was a great trip, a needed one.